Ticket Pricing Rules

Flex, proximity, and bulk discount pricing.

As with all rules in RezSystem, you can choose to make these available internally, externally or both, allowing you further control over discounts and surcharges.

Flex Pricing

Change prices of specific tickets during certain dates or time ranges.  This pricing rule can also target individual ticket types, such as only adult tickets, but not child.  As an example, you can flex your prices during your busiest, or perhaps your quietest hours or season.

Proximity Pricing

Change the price of tickets a given number of days before an event occurs. This tool allows you to provide ‘early bird discounts’ and again can be limited to certain ticket types.

Bulk Discounts

There are three ways you can offer bulk discounts: total basket price, number of activities, and number of tickets.   These can be used independently, or combined for further effectiveness.

1. Total Basket Price: Give your customers an automatic discount once they have reached a certain price.

2. Number of Activities: This discount is applied when a certain number of activities has been selected. This option works great for operators that offer multiple activities.

3. Number of Tickets: This type of discount is applied when a threshold of tickets has been purchased. You can even build rules to have it apply to all ticket purchased or tickets only above a certain number.