Charging a Reservation Fee

What should I charge as my reservation fee?

Booking fees are commonplace in today’s world.  If you are buying tickets to a sporting event or concert, you’ve seen the “convenience charge” added on at the end of your purchase – almost like a little surprise tax.  The LA Times says that the average fee charged by Ticketmaster is $10.50.  That is on top of other taxes and venue surcharges that drive up the cost even more.

Customers are accustomed to paying fees, and they have come to expect it.  Fees aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but you need to keep in mind it is essentially a ‘tax’ the customer is paying and may be a tipping point for a customer deciding if they are going to use you or not.

What about RezSystem Fees?

The first question we’re often asked by prospective customers is “What are your fees?”  The answer for us is really simple and straight forward.  We charge only $0.25 per online passenger or guest booked.

If we are converting someone from another system that charges a mandatory reservation fee, the inevitable next question is, “What should I do now?  My current provider charges fees of $3.50 (or whatever number) more than what RezSystem charges!”

Our answer is always the same—do whatever you are most comfortable with!

About 35% to 40% of our customers choose to pass our low booking fee on to their guests.  Of those, it is a mix of how they choose to do it.  Some pass the direct cost of $0.25 per passenger along, others pass along the cost of our fee along with credit card processing, while others add a flat amount that they believe is fair and will still allow them to not lose a sale.  At RezSystem, we believe your fees, are your business.

Making it Happen

With the flexibility of RezSystem’s pricing rules, you can set your booking fees any way you want.  Percentage of booking cost, flat amount per ticket or reservation, or even charge it just for internal or external reservations.  How you want to do it is up to you, RezSystem gives you the flexibility to make it happen.