New Features & Reports, March 2018


March 2018

New Feature – Deferred Payments

Accept an initial deposit payment and BookingHound will automatically send up to 3 email reminders requesting the payment balance from your customer.

When your customer clicks on the payment link within the email we send, they will be taken to a payment portal page so they can make their payment to you by credit/debit card. make payment

New Feature – Operator email enhancements

Now includes the details of whom the order was booked by as well as all customer ‘Checkout Question’ responses

New Feature – Bulk change options

To save you time, there are now 16 different options for you to bulk change your chosen time slots from the list view.

New Feature – Login with either your Username OR email

A small but useful and helpful change that will make it easier for you and your staff to login to BookingHound.

New Feature – Change Password

The system role of ‘Administrator’ can now change user passwords when required.

New Feature – Date picker added to Slot List view

When using the slot list view, there is a handy pop-up date picker available for your customers to select their preferred date in order to view your availabilty.

New Report – Returning Customers

This Enterprise/Freedom plan ‘Marketing’ report details those customers who have booked with you more than once.

Report Enhancement – Attendee & Booking Report History

The ‘Operational’ Attendee & Booking reports have been enhanced with extra optional search filters:
Activity dates, Activity times, Attendee/Customer surname, Attendee/Customer email & Attendee/Customer mobile

To search for specific attendees in the past, select the Attendee report and enter the activity date range and either the Attendee surname, Attendee email or Attendee mobile. See the image below:

Although we have some amazing new features planned for future release we are always listening to the needs and requirements of our customers.
Please continue to send us your suggestions and comments.

Update: October 2017

* New Feature – Multiple Use Vouchers
This new Enterprise plan feature means you can now set a customer redeemed “Number of Uses” for selected gift vouchers.

The example below shows how you can set this up as an annual pass voucher that can be redeemed only on a Monday to Friday:

* New Feature – Bulk Discount – TOTAL BASKET PRICE
Want to incentivise your customer based on how much they spend ?
With this new Enterprise plan ‘Bulk Discount’ feature you can automatically add a discount to the basket when its total value is greater than your selected amount..

* New Feature – Bulk Discount – NUMBER OF ACTIVITIES
Want to incentivize your customer based on how many items in their basket ?
With this new Enterprise plan ‘Bulk Discount’ feature you can automatically add a discount to the basket when the number of activities exceeds the amount you specify.

See below for the many different setup options available:

* New Feature – Bulk Discount – NUMBER OF TICKETS
With this new Enterprise plan ‘Bulk Discount’ feature you can automatically add a discount to the basket when the number of tickets exceeds the number you specify.

* New Feature – Gift Voucher Status Control
Sometimes you may need to ‘un-redeem’ a gift voucher and with this handy new feature you can. Simply cancel the original order, view the voucher option tab and un-click the ‘Redeemed’ button.

* Enhanced Feature – Telephone Number Search
You can now search for orders by the customer telephone number directly from the home page

* Enhanced Feature – Waitlist Email Notification
When your customer registers for a waitlist slot, you will now receive an immediate email confirmation advising you of their details.

* New Help Documents
PDF documents to help you setup the features detailed above have been added to the help section of RezSystem

* New Report – All Vouchers
A new report that details all purchased gift voucher information between 2 selectable dates.

* Enhanced Report – Sales by Activity
Now additionally details both direct and reseller bookings in addition to the total number of bookings and sales value

* Enhanced Report – Cancelled Orders
To help manage a cancelled order, this report now has a direct link to the cancelled order details as well as shows the activity details.

March 2017

Smart Checkout Questions

Add another factor for displaying checkout questions add another factor beyond capacity.

Example: A balloon can fly 12 passengers OR a maximum of 2,800 lbs

Maximum Sold Extras

Set & control the maximum number of Extras that can be sold per time slot.

Require a Minimum Number of Attendees

Set the minimum number of attendess required in order for your activity or event to run.

Once the minimum number has been achieved, the time slot opens to single bookings.

Dashboard Customizations

Decide what you want to display on your dashboard page.

Create and Send Cover Notes

Add personalized cover notes when viewing and sending email order confirmations to customers.

Activity Lead Time

This Enterprise plan report details the amount of time between an order date and the date of the activity.

Order Source Reports

Review the number of ticket types sold between two dates with graph options.

September 2016

New Payment Options

  • Deposits can now be either a percentage, or fixed amount per booking, ticket, or attendee.
  • Customers can choose: pay full or pay deposit.

Widget Text

  • Customize text used in all your activity widgets, or just a change it for a single activity.
  • Change the background color and text color of your calendar widget.
  • Unique error messages per ticket restriction


  • Updated price per SMS text message
  • Added option to receive copy of customer confirmations

July 2016


  • You can now duplicate an activity to create a new activity while copying that activity’s details.
  • Better flexibility for attendee level questions based upon ticket type.

Time Slots

  • Set notes for specific departure dates and times (time slots).  Great for repetitive activities that may include a special guest or feature.
  • Add bulk notes to a range of time slots all at once.

We have also added 7 additional PDF help documents, with more videos on the way.