About our Reservation Technology

How We Got Here

Over the course of twenty years, we built a tech company working exclusively with the travel agency community.   We eventually sold the company to Sabre, the owner of Travelocity, and after three years of running Sabre Leisure Worldwide, it was time to try something new.  In 2012, a developer designing a new reservation system approached me and my team.  After reviewing the software and exploring the industry, I realized this is where I belong.

Our team jumped in with both feet.  We spearheaded marketing, operations, training, and support, and our partner was providing system upgrades and maintenance.  The work was rewarding, and we quickly hit our stride.  There was a clear need for our technology, and we fell in love with the people and businesses we worked with.  Life was good.

The Next Steps

As time went on, listening and learning from our customers caused us to realize that the system we were using was not a long term solution.  It could handle the needs of most tour and activity providers, but we knew the marketplace wanted something more.  Rapid advances in technology were making our software feel stagnant.  I could clearly see the potential for a world-class system, and it was time for a change.

We discussed capabilities, outlined features, mapped out functions, and the hunt began.  Where would we find a developer capable of forging a world-class system? Little did we know, a world-class system was already in existence.  And as fate would have it, we have aligned with a partner from the UK that we believe offers the most flexible and powerful product in the marketplace—

Where We are Today

BookingHound has been on the forefront of reservation technology for many years.  In 2010, Mike Cohen purchased the company known as Goliath Reservation System, and he would go on to invest in a complete system overhaul.  Mike released the system rewrite in 2013, and BookingHound has been evolving their technology to adapt to trends ever since.  In fact, Booking Hound released their latest version earlier this year, and just in time to join forces with RezSystem.

The partnership between RezSystem and BookingHound comes from more than technology.  It comes from a shared philosophy of listening to customers and helping them be successful.  Combined, our personnel have over 30 years of experience providing reservation technology to activity providers, day tour companies and attractions.  Couple this with an outstanding product managed by genuine people, you really have a winning combination.