Reservation Features You & Your Customers Will Love

RezSystem’s reservation software is easy to use, yet powerful.  Designed by a team of activity providers to help increase sales and decrease operational costs.

Maximize Profit
RezSystem enables you to set rule based price lines – like the number of days out from an event to the number of remaining seats, to limiting the times a coupon can be redeemed.

Connect to Customers
RezSystem enables you to communicate easily with your customers, when and how you want. Send them automatic email confirmations, or ad-hoc texts and messages hassle free.

Promote your discounts and sales as, when and how you please. With RezSystem you can plan ahead. You can create your own gift certificates, vouchers or coupons. You can even import Groupon or other 3rd party vouchers and gain control over your reservations.

Ez Website Integration
RezSystem empowers you to integrate your website seamlessly. Powerful tools to enable multiple customer display options and different ways to integrate RezSystem in your website, make it a flexible website integration system.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics
In order to run a successful business, crucial data needs to be available all the time. Our powerful and robust reporting and analytics system will ensure that your business and booking information is always accessible to you.

Custom Business Rules
Flexibility is a keyword of RezSystem. From setting the maximum number of participants to creating rules to stop bookings, setting passenger weight limits or blocking tours conditionally, RezSystem gives you all. After all your business, your rules!

Launched in 2015, RezSystem represents 20+ years of designing and building technology for the travel and tourism industry. Our business is built on four major principals:



Easily integrates into any website. Select the features you want, and RezSystem will hide the ones you don't.


RezSystem is packaged with an arsenal of tools that will adapt to your business as it evolves. We make it easy to enable the features you want, while stashing the rest until you need them.

Low Cost

Use RezSystem, and your costs stay low. Boasting an online booking fee of only 25 cents, you get 1,600 free bookings each year with an annual subscription of $399.

Great Service

We provide personalized training, content support, and full guidance for your online presence. It’s technology that literally, and figuratively, makes life “ez”.


The most powerful and affordable reservation software on the market.

  Only $0.25 per online attendee booking.  Paid by you or your customer.

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