We believe you can get a system ez to use that is powerful providing you with the flexibility you want, and with great service at a very reasonable price.

RezSystem costs only 25 cents per online passenger booked!

The reservation fee can be passed on and paid by your customers  In fact you can charge whatever service fee you want, and keep for yourself anything over 25 cents per passenger.

Note fee applies only to online reservation.  All other services are included including functions and features, unlimited inhouse reservation, unlimited users, reporting, and much more are all included in that fee.

We also have the best options for your credit card processing including working with a tier one processor – less links make less costs for you.  We also work with the leading Marketplace making online credit card signup and processing fast and easy.  And we also work with the leading gateway that can connect to any processor thus supporting any existing relationship that you want to maintain for your online processing.

See how much RezSystem will cost

Notes: RezSystem charges only $0.25 per passenger for online bookings. In-house bookings made by your staff incur no booking charges. Annual minimum fee of $399 may apply. Other reservation software companies charge as much as 6% of the ticket cost.


  • Direct credit card cost and $0.25 + 1.49% per transaction
  • No startup or monthly fees, and no long term agreements
  • Free Mobile Swiper
  • Sign-up online
  • Money deposited directly into your bank account
  • BluePay is a Tier 1 Processor and provides some of the nation’s lowest fees. For accounts that process more than $5,000 per month, contact BluePay for preferred processing rates