Choose Any Setup Option for Unlimited Use of RezSystem

Option 1

Under 100 bookings per month?


Unlimited access to ALL features!


  • RezSystem pays credit card processing.
  • Zero reservation fees.
  • Customers pay 5% booking fee.
  • You keep 100% of your ticket price.

Option 2

100 free bookings - $25 monthly minimum


Per ticket
Professional setup and training included.


  • Absorb the fee yourself, or charge your customers.
  • Credit card processing – yours or ours.
  • Minimum 100 bookings per month.

Option 3

Refined booking fees for specialty outfits.

Contact Sales

To optimize your booking system
Lowest booking fees guaranteed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Option 1 (free for you) designed for?

Option 1, our free for you setup, is a great fit for seasonal outfits.  Event organizers and concert venues most commonly choose this payment setup.  It’s also a great choice for those who don’t want to worry about credit card charges or monthly subscriptions.

Which credit card processors can I use?

Option 1 requires you to sign up and be approved by BluePay. For Option 2, you may choose from either Stripe or BluePay. Both provide highly competitive rates and industry exclusive features for RezSystem customers. Option 3 may use BluePay, Stripe, or choose any other provider that connects to

Are text messages (SMS) included with RezSystem?

Messages can be purchased and sent for $0.10 each.

Can I pass along additional fees to my customer?

Sure, our system allows you to charge customers with custom fees taxes, surcharges, etc.  You may also choose to absorb those fees yourself.

How do I upgrade my account type?

Our plans change when yours do.  Speak with a sales rep for help finding the best plan for your business.

I'm a very busy individual. Can RezSystem just do everything for me?

RezSystem was designed by a crew of knowledgeable activity providers to be an end-to-end reservation solution, and our developers work so that you don’t have to. Can we do everything? Request an Enterprise account to find out.

Seeing is believing. Use RezSystem for an unlimited time, at no cost to you!