Maximize Profits

Economics is a science more focused on policy than the discovery of fundamentals.  RezSystem helps combine mathematical insights with the kind of adjustments you need to understand the human element of your business.

  • Dynamically change prices
  • Sell merchandise
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Maximize profit margin
  • Make. More. Money.

Create custom fields with truly dynamic rules.

Allow customers to add items to an online shopping cart while browsing your website.

“Stake Your Claim” – Used to offer multiple events for the same time slot, and after an event is booked, the others will be blocked.

Collect deposits and accept payments in installations.

Connect to Customers

Connect to Customers

The only way to make time is to save time.  RezSystem’s easy to use automation features will enable you to make time for more important things, like your customers, activities, nap time, and second breakfast.

  • Send email and texts to booked customers
  • Review collection
  • Easy customer check-in
  • Scannable tickets

Send individual, or bulk email and text messages to your clientele on demand or scheduled.

Establish a relaxed environment with scannable tickets, and straightforward passenger check-in.

Automatically requests reviews after an activity has occurred.

Sell personalized gift cards for any occasion.


Being able to prove a return on investment is a difficult challenge presented to most marketers today.  Luckily, RezSystem includes a suite of promotional tools for shamelessly plugging your business however you like.

  • Create coupons, vouchers, waivers
  • View customer profiles and send targeted marketing emails
  • Schedule email and text communications
  • Up-sell merchandise, gift cards, and upgrades

Rescheduling a customer can be as simple as sending a customized voucher.

Individual customer profiles make it easy to plan, segment, and automate your promotions.

Present upgrades and additional merchandise upon checkout.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

The Internet isn’t much different than the Wild West.  Laws are localized and unregulated, policy and legislation is constantly changing, and everyone’s looking to tame a new resource.  Our easy integration features remove the hassle of knowing whether a customer is on a desktop computer, smart phone, tablet, or internet refrigerator (it’s a real thing).

  • Mobile friendly
  • Real time availability
  • Social media integration
  • Partner booking capabilities

Showing your availability in real time will reduce abandonment and encourage your customers to “buy now”.

Reduce website clutter by creating designated calendars, which will only display information relevant to certain events or categories.

Mobile friendly widgets make it easy for customers to browse and buy online anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Over twenty customizable, and simple to understand reports at your fingertips. So it’s alright if you didn’t pay attention in math class, because we did that for you.

  • Partner tracking
  • 8 types of reports with 57 varieties to choose from
  • Calendar syncing
Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Choose your filters, content, data elements, sort methods, and more for any report you choose.

Quickly identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses with clearly presented data.

Export, download, and send reports for use offline, or anywhere else.

Schedule reports to be sent directly to your inbox!

Custom Business Rules

Custom Business Rules

RezSystem will manage your inventory, allocate resources, process credit cards, and keep your calendars organized. It’s just like hiring a business admin, with no sick days, minimum wage laws, or feelings!

  • Shared inventories
  • Resource allocation
  • Credit card processing – yours or ours

Share inventories across activity categories or groups.

Resource allocation for tour guides, employees, equipment, and more.

Credit card processing – yours or ours.